Revision History

Ultimate Preamp Control Panel (UPCP)

Version Status Release Date Changes,Updates and Fixes Additions Final    
  • Added LCD Chipset ID to the About Dialog Box


Firmware for Ultimate-Preamp

Version Status Release Date Changes,Updates and Fixes Additions
181009.1539 Final 9-Oct-18
180403.1118 Final  
  • Sample Rate Change LED doubles as Sample Rate Converter Intersample-Over detection indicator.
  • Added adaptive Intersample-Overs Guard to the Sample Rate Converter.
  • Added 3.5dB Intersample-Overs margin option for the DAC.
180224.1251 Final 24-Feb-18
  • Fixed problem where the 12V Trigger Output selection was not being saved to the onboard non-volatile memory.
180207.1207 Final  
  • Fixed problem when Audioweaver bootscripts were loaded into flash memory and the Preamp would boot up with the Input Source always set to 'None' instead of the last user selected input source.
  • Fixed problem where sample rate value on the Master Volume menu would not always update properly.
180115.1558 Final  
  • Reduced sensitivity to false triggering on the push buttons and rotary control
  • Added channel trim to the menu for multi-channel mode
  • Added ES9028/9038 DAC THD compensation menu for factory setup only.



Last Updated October 23, 2018